Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a loss of tooth substance that can be caused from abrasion, attrition, abfraction and erosion.
There are are four types of tooth wear:

Abrasion:  Wear process caused by foreign objects sliding or rubbing against the tooth surfaces.

Attrition:  Wear process of the tooth substance caused by tooth-to tooth contact. An example of this is clenching or grinding your teeth.

Abfraction:  Non-carious cervical lesions caused by tensile stress generated from occlusal loading, and micro fracture of cervical enamel rods.

Erosion:  Loss of dental hard tissues by non-bacteriogenic acid etching.


We can help manage your tooth wear and prevent it from occurring as well as protecting the surfaces that have already been damaged. Your dentist at Nicholson Road Dental Centre will let you know if this is occurring inside your mouth and provide you with the best management options.





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